DIY Instruments - Paint, Rattle and Roll!

I am a great Mum, but I am not one of those amazing creative Mum's you see on Instagram. I love to paint, draw and built things with Stevie but I have no idea what I'm doing and just wing it... often with hilarious outcomes! 

I found that when we just draw or paint a picture, we often get distracted or lose interest pretty quickly. But when we went to a craft shop and painted some plaster Christmas decorations together we had so much fun! Stevie was so proud of herself and was so excited to give them to her grandparents for Christmas.

So, I did a lot of research online trying to find some fun, easy (and time consuming) activities that we could do together at home.

DIY instruments

Enter.... DIY Instruments! I had these OLS branded instruments ethically made overseas just before Christmas (after our outing to the craft store) and I am so excited to share them with you.

They are raw wood so they are the perfect blank canvas for you and your child to get creative. The jute bags are also blank on one side so they can be decorated and personalised - especially great if they are a gift!

Decoration ideas

The options are pretty much limitless, but some ideas that our team has come up with include:

  • pencils and crayons 
  • stickers (Stevie loves this, especially as she can pull them off and switch them for different ones)
  • paint - we are looking at trying this Milk Paint. It is Australian made, non toxic, zero VOC, food safe, child safe, quick drying, easy to apply, water wash up, septic friendly
  • crafting goodies like pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers and much more!

Gift ideas

These make wonderful gifts for very special little people. Firstly, decorate the bag with a lovely message and artwork. Then, pop in the raw instruments and add in some special crafting goodies to get them inspired. There is enough space in the bag to add these to your gift pack.

Play safe!

  • Make sure that kids are always supervised when playing with these instruments
  • Only use child-safe and age appropriate craft materials

Send us photos of your creations!

We will share some creative masterpieces as our customers send them through (email yours to to be included), so more and more beautiful creations will be online to inspire you.

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