Our Makers

I carefully select the businesses that we work with at One Little Sprout to make sure they are the perfect fit for our values, and that the makers share my passion for making a positive impact.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the makers!


Alcmena logo

Kang and Eunica are the wonderful Sydney-based couple behind Alcmena. They started the business to provide an affordable, funky (and geeky), cloth nappy that is easy to use, function but also incredible gorgeous! All of their prints are designed in-house (mostly by Kang) and the features and nappy design are produced by Eunica.

Eunica and I started chatting in early-2019 when I started looking for a night-nappy for Stevie that would actually work. I needed something amazing for my little pee-machine! After much researching, I stumbled across Alcmena and loved that Eunica shared my values and passion for ethical production and sustainability. I can't recommend Alcmena enough for their incredible products, ethical manufacturing, commitment to sustainability and spectacular customer service.

Baby Bare | Peekaboo

Jenny and her husband Dave started Baby Bare in 2011 to supply great quality, ethically made products at an affordable price. They took over Peekaboo (formerly Pikapu) in 2016 and bring this same passion to the other half of their company. As you know, it is important to me that I only stock ethically made products. Baby Bare is designed in Australia and ethically made overseas in a small, family run factory. They share our environmental commitment and pack all orders in eco friendly packaging and even have solar panels to run their warehouse. Sadly, Dave passed away from melanoma in 2017 and they regularly donate and host fundraisers for the Melanoma Institute Australia.

Bottoms Up Junior

bottoms up junior

Bottoms Up Junior started as a small handmade business entangled between the beautiful untouched rain forests of the hinterland and the white sandy beaches of Byron Bay NSW. Their love and inspiration is drawn from the scenery that surrounds them and the community in which they live.

Their cloth nappies are hand designed in the Byron Bay Hinterland, originally being hand sewn by Katie at home, they are now produced ethically overseas. The journey of your new cloth nappy starts from just a sketch and then blossoms into the nappy you use on your baby.

Cottontail Creations Eco Friendly Cloth

Courtney is the owner and creator behind the spectacular designs from Cottontail Creations. She is based on Southern Tasmania where she lives with her two beautiful girls and their bunny Pogo. Courtney has a lot of experience sewing but only started sewing nappies while on maternity leave with her second child. She has returned to work part-time but continues to create amazing eco-friendly products including cloth nappies, wet bags, nappy pods, wipes and much more!

I first stumbled across Cottontail Creations when researching nappy pods. The battle to get your hands on her products is incredibly fierce, but I was lucky enough to score one. It was love at first sight! I then read more about Courtney and couldn't believe how much we have in common. We have two house bunnies (Rory and Missy) and often people think that is a little strange. But not Courtney! She also has a house bunny (Pogo) and he was the inspiration for the name of her business.

While Courtney and I haven't met in person, we quickly became friends and chat online about everything from business to family. We are so excited to stock her products at The Good Sprout and are looking forward to see what she creates next!


Sophie and Katie are two Perth-based Mums who started Crackadaks in early 2019 as a way to reduce their impact on the environment. They nappies have uniquely Aussie prints, designed by Katie and ethically manufactured overseas.

I have been so impressed with Sophie and Katie - they immediately welcomed me into their Cracka-family and have been so supportive. Not only are their nappies stunning, but so is their business and their values and ethics. I hope you love their gorgeous nappies as much as we do!

Happy Planet Toys

Miranda is a Sydney-based Mum of three boys who created Happy Planet Toys to reduce the amount of new plastic around the home, especially in the form of children's toys. Happy Planet Toys aims to create a range of exciting and compelling eco-friendly toys made from recycled plastic, providing families with a simple, sustainable alternative to new plastic toys. The toys are made from Australian recycled plastic and are strong, durable, FDA-certified, and recyclable!

I was lucky enough to meet Miranda at an eco-friendly Christmas market in Coogee and we got chatting about her gorgeous toys and her motivation for creating them.

We met up a few weeks later for a coffee play date with our kids and have kept in touch ever since. I'm so glad I met Miranda - not only because we now have her fantastic products in store, but also because she has provided me with incredible business insights and advice as I have been setting up The Good Sprout. I hope your children enjoy playing with these toys as much as Stevie does - she gets so flappy and splashy in the bath playing with them!

Little Beats Studio

Bec is a performer, business owner, and Mum of two little boys. She lives in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney, where she runs Little Bo Beats and 

Little Beats Studio.

Little Bo Beats started in 2017 when Bec collaborated with a friend who is a composer and music educator. Together, they created a music program that is fun and easily accessible. While teaching music classes, she discovered a love for wooden instruments. She hand-paints FSC certified wooden percussion instruments with fun designs ranging from polka dots to Australian animals.

I can't quite remember which internet rabbit-hole led me to Little Beats, but I'm so glad it did! These instruments are so well made, fun, and completely beautiful. I hope your children love playing with them as much as mine does!

O.A.K Wear

The fashion industry is particularly wasteful, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered Grow With Me (GWM) clothes at O.A.K Wear. Jess is a magician and has designed beautiful pants and tops that will last years. My daughter has been growing so quickly that we have been zipping through all of the different sized clothes. But not any more!! 

Jess is a Mum of 3 wonderful kids who has always been passionate about sewing and craft. She started O.A.K Wear because there is no way her own children could wear all of the spectacular pieces that she was creating. I discovered Jess while searching online for the perfect pants for Stevie during the cooler months and the eco design has really appealed to me. The Good Sprout is her first retail release and we are so excited to share her designs with the world.


I was searching online for an eco-friendly option for a baby book and I was so happy to stumble across Rhicreative. Rhi is a creative designer of books, cards and canvas prints based in her Adelaide studio. She is a Mum to a gorgeous little boy and comes from a long line of creative women.

Snuggle Hunny Kids 

I love stocking products that have been tried and tested. Snuggle Hunny Kids is a particular favourite of my sister-in-law so I knew that I had too look into their designs. While they don't exclusively stock eco-friendly products, they do have a range that aligns with our values and their company has some great sustainability features.

Snuggle Hunny Kids partners with Greenfleet to offset the carbon emissions produced through their business operations. 100% of their packaging is recycled or reused - when they shipped their stock to me it came in reused packing materials. They work with Australian designers and support their small businesses when creating their products and regularly donate their products to various neonatal intensive care units (NICU's) around the country.

Snuggle Hunny Kids is a small, family business in Sydney that started in 2015. Originally, they were designing and producing linen for their own boys and family friends but they were encouraged to start selling their products to a wider audience. We are so glad they did!

Tasmanian Soap and Skincare Company

One of the most important things about The Good Sprout is that we support local businesses. I've been asking my customers to recommend their favourite local stores and it has helped me discover some truly amazing products. Kirsten messaged me and asked if I would be able to stock her favourite stain remover (a must for cloth nappies) - Tuff Stuff from the Tasmanian Soap and Skincare Company. So I looked into it and...wow!!! I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner!

They don't have much info on their website, but I really like to get to know a company before deciding whether to work with them - so I called them. Jay and I had a long chat and he told me that they are a very small company with only 5 employees and they have recently expanded to produce skincare products as well. As their name suggests, they are based in Tasmania, and they aim to use locally sourced ingredients over imported ones so they can help support local growers.

Tuff Stuff Stain Remover has been wonderful on baby clothes (even those mysterious stains she gets from daycare) and nappies. Jay told me it has even been known to get red wine out of carpets! I'm so tempted to 'accidentally' spill some wine just so I can test it out!

Tinta Crayons

Tinta Crayons are 100% natural, organic beeswax crayons. No nasties, no paraffin, no palm, no soy – just the good stuff. Perfect for little hands and big on fun! 

They are designed and made in Melbourne and created with little people in mind. From drawing, colouring to imaginative play, our crayons are perfect for creative kids… and their grown-ups.

With all natural ingredients, our crayons are totally safe for kids – so if they try to eat them, that’s (kind of) ok - which is good because Stevie loves to munch them!

These crayons are fun and functional and support development by helping to master fine motor skills, gripping for small hands and, of course, creativity.

From the beeswax to their packaging, Tinta Crayons are proud to support local small businesses – just like them!