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4 pack Cotton Wipes / Boosters by Wrappies™

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Wrappies™ are designed for parents who are looking for a minimalist, natural and sustainable way to use cloth nappies on their kids.


  • Wrappies™ cloth wipes are made from natural, certified organic cotton terry. Two layers, with one side brushed cotton for a bit of extra grip!
  • Versatile – can be used as a cloth wipe, extra absorbency in a Wrappies™ preflat, or as a flat nappy for a tiny baby.
  • Approximately 23x22cm
  • Available in a pack of 4

Ethical manufacturing

Wrappies™ cloth wipes are ethically made in India to incredibly high standards. Laura, spent over 9 months assessing a number of manufacturers to ensure they met all ethical manufacturing standards. Some key ethical manufacturing considerations:

  • Employs approximately 40 staff from the local area, supporting the local community, and providing a safe and friendly workplace.
  • The factory has strong labour policies in place. All staff are trained regarding fair work standards including forced labour, child labour, discrimination, harassment and abuse. Proof of age documents are required for all staff.
  • Staff are protected in their right to freedom of association, to form or join unions, and collective bargaining. There is a Workers Committee which meets regularly and staff report they are comfortable raising concerns directly with management.
  • Staff are all salaried workers who are paid fair wages on time, including paid leave.
  • The factory has emphasised their commitment to human rights and has an established policy for implementation.
  • The factory conducts regular training and safety drills. As a result, no accidents have been reported since the factory opened in 2016.
  • The factory has a plan in place to ensure their suppliers also meet these requirements.
  • Regular Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits