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"Growing" Regular Wet Bag by One Little Sprout & BarkaArts & Monarch

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Introducing...Growing! Chloe painted this stunning artwork to represent a child’s growth and journey through childhood. Each coloured circle represents a different stage in the child’s life. I can’t think of a more perfect story or artwork to be featured on our first OLS exclusive.

OLS will be donating $1 from the sale of each item to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Their work is incredibly important to us and we have made donations to them in the past - we are thrilled that Chloe selected them as her charity of choice for this release.

You may already know Chloe as the artist behind the beautiful Indigenous Peg Dolls that we stock at One Little Sprout. We have been working together for many months to create a beautiful exclusive OLS Monarch print featuring Chloe’s artwork. This collaboration will include Classic Nappies, Regular Wet Bags, and Change Mats.

Growing - Behind the Scenes

  • Hand painted artwork - when you look closely, you can see the paint splodges!
  • Artist names - It was very important to me that everyone knows who the artist is behind this artwork. To ensure that Chloe gets appropriate credit and recognition, the print features both of our business’ names, handwritten into the artwork itself.
  • Digital design - once Chloe had painted her artwork, my sister, Kate Field, photographed it and we worked together to create a digital print. 
  • Teamwork! Chloe, Kate, Eunica, as well as my OLS reps, Jodi, Jess and Jade have all been involved throughout the process - this collaboration truly represents the teamwork and cooperation of so many incredible women.

Donations to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

  • $1 from the sale of each item will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, a charity selected by Chloe.
  • The ILF are a national book industry charity dedicated to lifting literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities, so all children across Australia have the same choices and opportunities.

About the artist - Chloe

  • Chloe is an experienced early childhood educator and artist. She combines these passions to create a range of classroom and learning resources that help showcase Indigenous culture to young learners. Her resources include peg dolls, doll houses, flash cards, story stones, baby dolls, and beautiful artwork.
  • Chloe is a proud young Indigenous woman from Barkindji and Maliangappa mobs, western NSW, Gamilaroi, northern NSW and Biripi in eastern NSW.
  • BarkaArts is named after the Barka River, the Indigenous name for the Darling River, which is near where her family are from.
  • Chloe is based near Newcastle and we have been lucky enough to meet up with her and her boys for a play date!

Features of Regular Wet Bag

A medium-sized but very roomy wet bag with two-zippered compartment so you can keep your clean/dirty and dry/wet items separate from each other!

  • Constructed with dual-layer, premium, water-resistant PUL.
  • Two zippered compartments
  • Keep your dirty / clean items in one bag but separate with our handy double compartment!
  • Water-resistant and leakproof - perfect for containing smells!
  • Perfect for anything that would usually require a plastic bag!
  • Snap-off handles for convenient attachment to any handle.
  • Hang it in your laundry or off your pram, perhaps to store wet / clean wipes when you're out and about!
  • Two handles for even weight distribution.
  • This release, we have increased the handle length by 10cm for improved versatility and to give you more hanging options!
  • Holds around 6 nappies, or 4 nappies and a change mat, extra inserts, wet and clean cloth wipes, leaky drink bottle, a change of clothes, wet umbrella - practically anything!
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 35cm (w) x 40cm (h)

Tip: Did you know, you can snap two (or more!) Regular wet bags together? Simply snap off the handles on both sides, snap together, and snap back the handles in a configuration that suits you!