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SECONDS Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby

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Seconds items are heavily discounted due to minor faults. These faults don't impact the function or use of the product in any way.

Products have been marked to indicate they are seconds. No returns, exchanges or refunds (from either One Little Sprout or Seedling Baby).

*Note, each item is different. Photos are examples of the print and/or and faults. Final product may vary from the example photos.*

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Fault types

  • Imperfect Binding-  Untidy binding finish
  • Minor Marks - minor marks which may/may not come out in the wash
  • Ex-Demo
  • Stitching fault - These little beauties are almost perfect! Instead of the zips being sewn under a flap of fabric, they've been sewn directly to the front of the bag. This doesn't affect the function of the product at all - just makes them a little more unique!


If there’s one accessory that simplifies cloth nappies, it’s liners. And when you want a liner that can be reused hundreds of times, yet retain its luxurious softness, you can’t go past our Luxury Liners.

Designed to fit comfortably inside most nappies, simply lay one inside any nappy to create a soft moisture barrier and help prevent staining.

Soft and hardy, these liners will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.

Available in a pack of 10.
Each liner measure approximately 30 x 12 cm.

Composition: 100% polyester microfleece