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SECONDS Monet Podasaurus Rex by Podasaurus

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I'm thrilled to add another brand to our Imperfectly Eco range - Jasmine at Podasaurus shares my commitment to reducing waste while also making reusable products as accessible and affordable as possible.

Time to grab yourself a bargain! 

Seconds items are heavily discounted due to minor faults. These faults don't impact the function or use of the product in any way.

Products have been marked to indicate they are seconds. No returns, exchanges or refunds (from either One Little Sprout or Podasaurus).

*Note, each item is different. Photos are examples of the print and/or and faults. Final product may vary from the example photos.*

Please consider making a donation to Lifeline at checkout

Types of faults

  • No snaps on handle - Monet

Podasaurus Rex Features

Handcrafted wet bag pods, perfect for all of your baby needs! Originally designed to hold cloth nappies (clean or dirty), these can also be used for:

  • wet bathers
  • sandy shoes
  • baby items for a day out
  • toddlers toys and snacks
  • dirty toddler outfits (how did they get THAT sticky?!)

Each pod comes with a snapped loop inside to hold your keys and keep them secure.

All pods are handmade in Melbourne, use quality PUL and have French seams to provide strength and better water resistance.

Approx 24x18x15cm and holds up to 5 cloth nappies PLUS a change of outfit PLUS a few cloth wipes.

RRP $36