Torres Strait Islander Peg Dolls by BarkaArts - One Little Sprout

Torres Strait Islander Peg Dolls by BarkaArts

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It is very important to me that Stevie understands and celebrates different cultural practices. I really wanted to find Indigenous peg dolls created by a small, local Indigenous company. Luckily for me, I found Chloe! My favourite thing is meeting the creators and artists behind these products in person - Chloe and her kids are so lovely and welcoming. Stevie and I loved our little lunch time play date!

Torres Strait Islander peg dolls are in brightly and beautiful coloured dresses and traditional mens grass skirts with flowers grown on the Islands, flower bands and Men's headdress called a 'Dhari'.

Need Inspiration? Chloe is an Early Childhood Educator and recommends creating small world play areas or cultural displays with her Wooden Aboriginal Peg Dolls. Lay some soil, grass, leaves and branches etc on a little tray table and create a little world so children can play and learn. 

Chloe is a young Indigenous woman from Barkindji and Maliangappa mobs situated along the Darling River in Western NSW, and Gamilaroi from Northern NSW.


  • Non-toxic acrylic paints and coated with toy safe sealer
  • Sustainable hemu wood
  • Smallest doll is 4cm tall and the largest is 7.5cm
  • Set of 6 dolls (2 x small, 2 x medium, 2 x large)


Not suitable for children under 3. Adult supervision is required at all times.