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Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Soap by The Tasmanian Soap and Skincare Company

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I know there is no such thing as magic... but if there was, I'm sure it would be Tuff Stuff.

There is literally nothing that this soap can't do so I wanted to share some of its amazing features:
🧼 Made in Australia by a small, Tassie business
🧼 Smells amazing (lemon eucalyptus)
🧼 Net makes lathering quick and easy
🧼 Vegan

We had a thread recently in my VIP group where people shared some of the stains they have been able to remove with Tuff Stuff. These included:
🧼 Nappy stains - from poop to Panadol
🧼 Red wine
🧼 Spag bol
🧼 Curry
🧼 Raspberries
🧼 Blood
🧼 Ink

If you haven't tried it yet, be prepared to be amazed when you open your incredibly smelling package!

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