4 Night Nappies You Need to Try Tonight!

Is there such a thing as the holy grail of night nappies? Something that is super soft, absorbent enough to last all night and easy to use? Our One Little Sprout team has tried out 6 brands between us and these are our favourites (so far)!

Alcmena v3.5 / Monarch Ultimate

This is hands down our absolute favourite night nappy set up. Personally, we have been using them for 2 years and have never had a leak. NOT. ONE. LEAK. IN. TWO. YEARS.


  • Super absorbent inserts (1x 5 layer hemp insert, 1 x 5 layer bamboo insert, and a 3 layer bamboo nap insert)
  • Multiple inserts means you can customise the set up
  • Velcro or snap closure options
  • Double gussets
  • Thick back elastics
  • OSFM


  • No stay dry liner
  • Fit can be a bit tricky at first

Stuff n Snap AIO by RAWr

This is Stevie’s favourite nappy. I know that is a weird thing to say about a toddler but it is so soft that she literally picks it up and strokes it. And it is so absorbent that we use it WITHOUT A COVER! This is the most underrated night nappy and I really wish I could shout about how amazing it is!


  • Softer than a cloud
  • Soft lining which covers the back of the snaps meaning that no snaps are touching bub’s skin
  • So absorbent that we don’t use a cover (even though you are meant to)
  • Most trim night nappy we have tried
  • Easy to fit
  • OSFM 


  • Absorbent pocket means it takes ages to dry
  • Pocket is a bit narrow so takes a few minutes to stuff

Cloth and Crown

This is not strictly a night nappy but it has fast become a favourite in our night nappy rotation. If you have one of these in your stash then I really hope you will give it a whirl overnight!


  • Big pocket allowing for easy stuffing
  • Generous sizing so will definitely last until toilet training
  • Easy to fit (hubby literally did it in the dark)
  • AJW stay dry lining


  • Don’t come with enough inserts for a night nappy set up (we added an old SHP snake insert)
  • Thinner leg/back elastics. While they didn’t leave marks on Stevie, this may happen with a chubbier bub if used overnight

SHP Sandmans

We got our first SHP about a year ago and Michelle was so lovely to deal with. She send you a questionnaire so she can handmake the perfect nappy for your child – pretty incredible!


  • Custom fit for your child
  • Incredible customer service from a small, family business
  • Michelle supports the Save the Bilby Fund with 10% from every sale donated


  • Sized (although we are still using the same one on Stevie at 26 months as we used at 6 months)
  • Needs to be used with a cover (not included)

Looking for some extra protection? Make sure you try a Brolly Sheet. These are perfect for protecting against nappy leaks or against the dreaded gastro!

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