Hi, I’m Laura and I’m the mother of a very curious and happy little girl – Stevie. I’ve always been environmentally-conscious but having Stevie made me stop and think more about the world that I want her to inherit.

Before Stevie was born, I spent 3 years travelling, living and volunteering around the world. My background is in counter-trafficking and human rights, so I spent 6 months volunteering at a rescue shelter in Guatemala City for girls (and their children) who are victims of human trafficking or sexual violence.

It is this background that influenced my desire to only stock ethically-made products. While I understand this may mean the products I stock are a bit more expensive, it also means you know that the people making each product are working in fair conditions.

One Little Sprout aims to put our values into practice and make a positive impact on the local community, environment. I carefully select the businesses that we work with to make sure they are the perfect fit for our values and that the makers share my passion for making a positive impact.

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