Finished with your OLS products?

At OLS, we don’t only care about how our products are made, but also how they are disposed of at the end of their life. Here are some different options for you to consider –

If you have a friend or family member who is having a baby or already has a bub, you might want to consider gifting them your cloth nappy stash, gently worn clothes, books or toys. If they are new to cloth nappies, maybe you could invite them over for a cup of tea, show them how to fit and wash nappies before gifting them with their very own stash.

Gift them

There are lots of different options out there if you would like to donate your OLS products.

Charity shops and local daycares are a good option for toys, books and clothing. Please make sure these are still in good condition and are something that you would still purchase and use yourself.

There are a number of cloth nappy groups online so you can offer your nappies as a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) to someone in need. You can also donate them to the Cloth Community Fund which repairs and donates cloth nappies to people in need. They are a pay it forward group and it is expected that any nappies that you receive are donated back through the group when you are finished with them.

Sell them

Cloth nappies and handmade items such as clothing, can be resold online if they are in excellent condition. It may surprise you, but nappies hold their value well and some can be resold at close to RRP depending on the brand, print and condition. You can either sell them through Facebook marketplace, or cloth nappy specific BSS (Buy/Sell/Swap) groups. Major brands often have their own dedicated BSS group.

Upcycle them

If you have finished with your nappies but you aren’t quite ready to let them leave your house just yet, you might want to try your hand at upcycling them! Cloth & Crown have some free sewing patterns so you can turn your old nappies into breastpads, doll nappies, or even a bib. Now you can enjoy your nappy prints long after your child has toilet trained!

Recycle or compost them

The cardboard packaging from our products (including the cardboard tubes used by Wanderlightly) can be composted or recycled. You could even try your hand at making recycled paper like me!

The metal tins for small Wanderlightly products can be repurposed and resused or recycled with other metals. Happy Planet Toys are made from recycled plastic and can be disposed of in your recycling bin.

If your cloth nappies are no longer usable, you can cut or pull out the inserts to use as cleaning cloths or compost. The shells can be used as swim nappies, even if they are no longer waterproof. If you have more than your share of nappies and rags, consider donating them or taking them to H&M for textile recycling.

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