What are the different types of inserts?

Now you have chosen which type of nappy you would like to use, you might be a bit confused by all of the different types of inserts available.

Natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and hemp are the most absorbent options available, however they are also the slowest to absorb liquid (and dry!)

Microfiber and microfiber blend inserts are very quick to absorb liquid, however they aren’t able to hold too much and they leak when they are compressed. It is easiest to think of them like a sponge – they soak the liquid up but when squeeze (e.g. when bub is wearing tight onesies), they will leak.

You might find that pairing natural and microfiber inserts together gives you a good combination of fast and large absorption.

Our personal preference is for bamboo and hemp inserts, however we have started to add in a microfiber insert now Stevie is starting to toilet train and holds then does on big, quick wee.

You can easily add absorption to any of the nappies we sell. You can do this either by purchasing additional insert sets, or by using things you already have at home like face washers or muslin wraps.

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