Imperfectly Eco Seconds

Note: These items can be purchased and shipped with items from the rest of our store One Little Sprout is committed to stocking eco-friendly products that are created by small Australian businesses. We are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and our community and are seeking to expand on this commitment through Imperfectly Eco.

What is Imperfectly Eco?

These products are the imperfect items that either are returned to businesses, or never quite make it to sale. Through this initiative we hope to extend the life of products and reduce waste, while also making eco-friendly products even more affordable and accessible to a wider audience. These items are all heavily discounted, or in some instances, free. Where items are free we would encourage you to make a donation to our charity. Note that it still takes up considerable time and resources for the Makers to identify these products, for me to pay for shipping, and then for me to sort, photograph and list them.

Faults may include by are not limited to:
  • minor marks/stains and fabric imperfections or damage
  • untidy/mismatched binding
  • damaged snaps (not impacting use)
  • incorrect coloured snaps
  • missing packaging
  • sample items
  • incorrectly placed labels
  • messy stitching
  • Occasionally we will have items that will require repair. These items will be discounted even further or will be free.
All sales are final!
  • No refunds or exchanges (either from One Little Sprout or the Maker). Items will have a small mark to indicate they are a seconds item and a list of buyers will be sent to the Maker.
  • Due to the volume of seconds items, and the time it takes to inspect, photograph and describe items, it is not possible for us to provide details of the specific faults or defects of each item. We will not sell you something that cannot be worn/used.
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