Our Story


Hi, I'm Laura and I’m the mother of a very curious and happy little girl – Stevie. I've always been environmentally-conscious but having Stevie made me stop and think more about the world that I want her to inherit.

Before Stevie was born, I spent 3 years travelling, living and volunteering around the world. My background is in counter-trafficking and human rights, so I spent 6 months volunteering at a rescue shelter in Guatemala City for girls (and their children) who are victims of human trafficking or sexual violence. 

It is this background that influenced my desire to only stock ethically-made products. While I understand this may mean the products I stock are a bit more expensive, it also means you know that the people making each product are working in fair conditions.

One Little Sprout aims to put our values into practice and make a positive impact on the local community, environment. I carefully select the businesses that we work with to make sure they are the perfect fit for our values and that the makers share my passion for making a positive impact.

Meet Jade - Brand Rep

Hi, I'm Jade! My fiance, Danny, and I have a 2 year old son, Angus, our second little surprise is current baking and due to arrive September 2021. We've been a cloth nappy family since Angus was about 6 weeks old, which we chose for the environmental benefits, but the adorable prints are a huge bonus!

I've been trying to make other small eco changes in our lives too. by using a reusable coffee cup, mesh grocery bags and swapping snaplock bags for reusable containers. A few of our favourite One Little Sprout products are the magical stain removing "Tuff Stuff", the "Seedling baby cloth wipes" and the "Sun Deodorant by Wanderlightly".

When I'm not chasing our small human around I can be found making coffee, working through my constantly growing pile of embroidery and sewing projects, watching disney movies and trying new internet recipes!

Meet Maxie - Brand Rep

Hi, My name is Maxie and I’m a mum of two boys, Harrison aged 3years and Samuel aged 10months we live in Toowoomba QLD. We decided to use Modern Cloth Nappies with Samuel after some research and looking into how much better they are, not only for baby but environmental too. We attempted Cloth with Harrison when he was a baby, however we did not have the knowledge and support we do with Samuel but we are so glad we chose to join the Cloth Bum community!

We started using our cloth nappies when Samuel was just 4 days old, and once we were confident with day times we quickly started using cloth overnight too and there has not been a day since that we have looked back.

Cloth nappies was just the first step for us, we have since got many wetbags which replace our need for the disposable plastic dirty nappy bags, we have cloth wipes which we use for many different things one being cleaning and another for bath times.

Meet Chelle - Brand Rep


Hi, I’m Chelle (@tiny_growing_adventures), FTM to our rainbow baby boy who is 11 months old. We are very excited to join the One Little Sprout team!!


I’m passionate about doing my part for the environment and have been using cloth nappies and wipes for around 10 months now and loving it!


I am passionate about supporting small businesses and using eco friendly products. I love to get out in our veggie garden and also like to ‘play’ in the sewing room. Looking forward to supporting Laura and the team, and connecting with other eco-friendly and cloth families.